15° Coil Roofing Nailer (PCN45)


Q. The nails are not autofeeding and they appear stuck near the drive blade, how do I fix this?

A. The feeding mechanism is likely defective. Please contact us for repair or replacement.


Q. Does this gun have a case or can I purchase a case from you?

A. There are no cases available for this unit. 


Q. Can I use this gun for cement, fiber cement, or hardi-plank siding?

A. Yes


Q. Is this gun single fire?

A. No it has a bump sequential firing trigger with a safety lock

Symptom Chart

SymptomPossible CausesSuggested Solutions
Air leaking near the top or bottom of the tool or in the trigger area

Loose screws

Worn or damaged O-rings or seals

Tighten screws

Install overhaul kit

Tool does not operate or operates sluggishly

Tool inadequately oiled

Inadequate air pressure

Exhaust is blocked

Worn or damaged O-ring or seals

Make sure the air compressor is set between 70 psi and 115 psi

Add about 2 - 3 drops of pneumatic oil to the air connector

Clean exhaust channel

Install overhaul kit

Fasteners are frequently jammed

Drive channel is worn

Piston is broken or worn

Bent fasteners

Dirty magazine

Loose magazine

Wrong fasteners

Clean / Remove obscructions in the drive channel

Replace the piston

Remove the bent fasteners, replace with the right fasteners

Clean magazine

Tighten screws

Verify that fasteners are the correct size